In California’s Central Valley, there is a crisis. Not only are communities running out of water, but over the last few years, they’ve seen an increase in dangerous forms of drilling for oil and gas. To make matters worse, the historic drought fueled by climate change is exacerbating existing health issues, water scarcity, and poor air and water quality. Luckily, the Central Valley’s history of resistance hasn’t faded. Communities are rising up against a hypocritical Governor who claims leadership on issues that are hurting communities in California today.

Growing Resistance: Drought, Oil & Climate Change in California shares the stories of communities on the front lines who are rising up against not only the immediate health impacts of the oil and gas industry, but against the growing climate impacts that are disproportionately impacting some of the most vulnerable in the state. This film was produced by the Survival Media Agency in partnership with and the Center on Race Poverty & Environment.


Producer: Shadia Fayne Wood

First Camera: Bunker Seyfert

Editor: Erin Whiteson

Second Camera, Interviews, and Translation: Helena Gonzalez Martinez